Linda Darwent
Online English Conversationalist

Native language: English [Canadian]
Other Languages: None
Currently living in: Canada
Skype name: Blueberry

  Let me tell you about myself.

Greetings: My first name is Linda, and I have spoken Canadian English all my life.

Right now I have some available time and I would like to help people with their English. I have excellent conversational skills. Many people have complimented me on the quality of my telephone/microphone voice.

I consider myself to be fairly well-read. With my multifaceted reading interests I can carry on excellent discussions. Interacting with all kinds of people is something I enjoy. I look forward to having engaging conversations as I help you to learn English.

  • Onsite: Calgary, Alberta Canada
  • Online
    • Presentation editing and voice-overs
    • Assessment of spoken language skills
    • I am available to help you improve your understanding of English. I have lots of patience plus an excellent understanding of the English language.
Please contact me for more information.